It Happened on the Way to War - Rye Barcott

Looking for a visual respresentation of the impact of the work of Carolina for Kibera? Watch Without a Fight, a feature length documentary film that explores how soccer can facilitate social change in Kibera, one of Africa’s largest slums.

Footage of violent clashes fueled by polarizing national presidential elections is intertwined with profiles of youth from different religious and ethnic backgrounds as they navigate daily life and prepare for the final championship soccer game of the season. The film provides a glimpse—often a very positive one—into an Africa few have seen. It attempts to break stereotypes associated with people who live in extreme poverty while depicting sports as a tool that could be used to prevent violence among at-risk youth.  The film made its World Premiere at the 11 MM Festival in Berlin, Germany in March 2012 and its North American Premiere at the Full Frame Documentary Festival in Durham, NC in April 2012.

Carolina for Kibera will be holding community and university screenings of WIthout a Fight throughout the year.  Learn more about hosting a screening!